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At Prairie Winds Center, we are a Christian healing ministry. We focus on inner healing prayer encounters with Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit. We practice inner healing prayer principles found in the Bible. We seek to make inner healing accessible and practical for the local body of Christ, churches, and leaders. We desire to be a safe place to discover and experience the healing love of Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. We provide a comfortable environment for anyone who is seeking God. Come, listen for God’s voice, practice forgiveness and repentance, and allow the love of the Father to come into the inner wounds and heal. 

At Prairie Winds Center, we teach from the Bible, and we worship Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit through all that we do – from singing, to fellow-shipping together, to eating meals together, praying together and even playing and being creative together. The healing love of the Father is experienced and tangible through the loving community that has come together to serve guests at our retreats.  

Our retreats offer an opportunity to come away and address the wounds and pains that can happen in our life journey. Sometimes we do not know what to do with our hurts and pains, and we deny or bury them. This may lead to a wounded heart causing many struggles in our lives, in our relationships and workplaces. Prairie Winds Center is a place where you can be honest about your hurts, wounds, and grief. You will experience the comfort and the healing presence of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit through direct personal encounter, revelation and through the loving embrace of the community here. 

We teach and practice forgiveness prayer, which is what we call the gateway of healing. Processing forgiveness with God alongside our trained team members have brought countless people renewed hope, comfort, strength, and healing in their hearts. As prayer ministers, we have found what people really need is to hear and encounter the love of the Father through Jesus and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  

Coming away on a retreat will be a beautiful experience for anyone who is looking for healing. We have seen God do many miracles through healing prayer, and sometimes see God intervene and heal physical ailments and illnesses. While this is not always the case, it is amazing when that happens, and we know that is something that flows from the healing love and touch of Jesus. 

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