Sunset at Prairie Winds

Lifepath Ministries is the charity that operates as Prairie Winds Centre. We are a Christian healing and restoration ministry. Prairie Winds Center is a place where we seek to know the heart of Jesus and the Father, to experience God’s love, and to lead people to know the restoring love of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. We are all in need of healing and restoration in some area of our lives, as we live in a broken world. We provide healing through prayer ministry, and training to equipe people with tools following biblical spiritual principals so that they can continue to walk with the power of Holy Spirit.  

We find people get a deeper revelation of the Fathers’ love for them as they spend time on this land. 

Through Jesus death on the cross, His burial and resurrection, we believe that Jesus made a way to restore us back into relationship with the Father. Prairie Winds Center is restoration ministry that provides a place where people seek to serve one another and help people along their journey of restoration. When we walk through traumatic experiences in this world, we may go through a crushing of our spirit or breaking of our heart.  Prairie Winds Center is a place where people have found the restoring love of God and want to continue to grow in this perspective. This same love seeks to build relationship, recover our true self, or identity, and rebuilding where our mind, will, and emotions have been wounded or broken by unhealthy relationships or harmful circumstances in our lives. 

Prairie Winds Center is a place to experience restoration and renewal amidst a safe community. The center offers a warm surrounding, out in the prairie fields of Alberta. The main house is beautifully furnished and feels like home. The meals are homemade and cooked with love and care. You will be greeted by our friendly staff and escorted to your room where you will stay when you come for your healing and restoration experience.  

There is wholeness to be found in Jesus and in His body, the family of God. God seeks to impact hearts in a healing way. It is through the simple truth of forgiveness of others, and ourselves that this journey begins. Gods desire is that we be released as Sons and Daughters back into our normal everyday lives empowered by a deeper relationship with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. This in turn will affect families, communities, churches, workplaces, and many other areas of society.   

We believe through encountering the presence of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit in the biblical teachings, passionate worship, and deeply personal prayer that our guests will leave with an understanding of their true identity, which will positively affect their relationships and impact on their circles of influence.

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