What is a Healing Retreat?

Our Healing Retreats currently take place at the beautiful Retreat Centre, just south of Didsbury. A Healing Retreat is a special 3 day opportunity to receive personal prayer ministry. During a Retreat there are times of praise and worship, teaching sessions and opportunities to receive individual prayer ministry in a safe and loving environment. Each Retreat also includes personal time where delegates have the opportunity to spend time alone with the Lord as they enjoy the beautiful, peaceful surrounding at our centre. We have seen the Lord work in amazing ways through the whole experience of the Retreat – from the teaching to the ministry to the time spent in the grounds.

What is the teaching content?

During a Healing Retreat, the times of teaching cover biblical principles which are keys to receiving healing for body, soul and spirit.

Teaching will cover:

  • The importance of getting to the root of the problem
  • How we are made
  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Understanding and knowing the Father Heart of God and His desire to heal, restore and fill us with His Holy Spirit
  • The importance of spiritual protection
  • The importance of making godly choices
  • How God enables us to walk on in victory

What will the times of prayer involve?

Your time for prayer ministry is time for you to be real – to share your heart and your struggles with your ministry team. It is a safe, loving environment where there will be no judgement or criticism. Personal sharing and prayer ministry often includes time talking, and praying through any relevant areas of forgiveness, repentance, and inviting Jesus to be Lord. It may also include recognizing the work of the enemy in our lives and overcoming it through the power of the cross of Jesus.

The purpose of a Healing Retreat is to bring God’s love and healing power into your life. Of course, it is not usually possible to deal with a life-time’s problems all at once, but the aim is rather to facilitate a significant step forward in your Christian journey – often a breakthrough in some area. Your personal needs and the guidance of the Holy Spirit will assist the team in knowing what to pray about. There is also time for personal reflection.

Who are the ministry team members?

All those who minister with Prairie Winds Centre are committed mature Christians who have a heart to apply – from their experience and training – God’s love, healing and restoration according to the principles of the Kingdom of God. They are carefully trained and evaluated by Prairie Winds Centre over a period of time prior to being released to minister under the supervision of the Prairie Winds Centre Ministry Manager.

It should be noted that members of the ministry teams are not required to have secular qualifications and are not professionals. Some are pastors or church leaders or have accreditation with other Christian organizations. The ministry teams work in groups of two or three. At least one ministry team member will be the same sex as the person seeking help.

Is it confidential?

Yes. What is confided, both on the application form and during prayer ministry, will be kept in strictest confidence. Application forms and personal details will be kept locked and secure. We will not release any details to anyone without your written permission, unless obliged to do so by law.

What are the results?

God works in different ways with different people. For some there is an immediate testimony of significant changes and for others the change is more progressive and continued over months or even years after their Retreat. Nearly everyone testifies to increased faith, strength and hope. For some, deep levels of pain may begin to be touched for the first time, which initially can result in being more aware of the pain, but God never does more than we can cope with. You will receive advice and encouragement about the way forward.

Will it solve all my problems?

None of us can say what the Lord Jesus will do in your life during the Healing Retreat. For some people there is powerful experience of healing, but for most people healing is a process, which means a continuing walk with God.

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